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Before Morrow geared up for the upcoming 2010-11 NHL season, we visited with him at his home club, Vaquero, and talked hockey, golf and dating a teammate’s daughter.

Brendan Morrow: The golf outing in Scotland consisted of myself, Mike Modano, Marty Turco, Brad Richards and members of the Tampa Bay Lightning. It was kind of a Ryder Cup match – those with ties to Tampa versus those with ties to Dallas. Like any guys golf outing, we started sending e-mails and trash-talking each other as it got closer to our outing.

Yet after taking some time to reflect, Modano came back to the Stars and took what many felt was a discounted contract to stay with the team that drafted him.

There's no doubt now that Modano will retire as a Dallas Star and will go down as the greatest player in franchise history.

He knows this is his team, and he knows any kind of success the Stars hope to achieve starts with him being a sound leader.

It’s been quite an eventful 2010 for Morrow – from his Olympic triumph to losing his buddies Mike Modano and Marty Turco to conference rivals, to playing golf overseas for the first time.

Over the years he has grown to be much more than just a gritty forward who likes to fight and can score in bunches, and has emerged as one of the most skilled wingers in the NHL.

“Richie” (Brad Richards) had been over there before, as well as some other guys.

Yet in all of that, there were some pretty special players that took the ice in a Dallas Stars jersey.

After the jump, we run down all 23 players on Defending Big D's Dallas Stars All-Decade Team, and I'll bet you already know who the top line is.....

Who is on your All-Decade Team for the Dallas Stars?

Breaking the Dallas Stars’ playoff drought at two years.

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